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Telkom Mobile Cavendish Square

The next generation of mobile communication.Telkom to introduce Telkom Mobile as the companyís lead mobile brand.Telkom is thrilled to announce the launch of Telkom Mobile in support of the Telkom Groupís convergence strategy. Telkom is the countryís most powerful information and communication technology solutions provider, with the network that connects all networks across the country. The introduction of Telkom Mobile will enable the Company to more effectively leverage Telkomís network infrastructure for your benefit.8ta is a well-loved brand and will live on under a different guise. It will be repositioned as a product of Telkom Mobile and, later in the year, re-launched as an even more dynamic, nimble and irreverent version of itself. Recently 8ta committed itself to a five year partnership with the PSL that will extend the 8ta loving family to the football loving community. New products will be introduced under the 8ta banner that will delight in their simplicity and offer great value. But we will tell you more about those exciting developments later.First of all it means that over time you will benefit from the leading edge technology that the Telkom Group provides. Our 3G mobile network continues to grow and is well placed to support cutting edge new technologies as they are launched. In particular, high voice and high data users will love the experience that our spectrum will provide. Secondly, you will see more of the Telkom Mobile brand in our communication with you. Your bills will reflect the Telkom Mobile brand. Over time our stores will be changed to Telkom Mobile, as will our advertising. Best of all, the way you engage with us will remain the same. You will still experience the great customer service you have become accustomed to. You can reach our customer contact centre via 081 180, the web at where you can communicate real time via live chat. Or, if you prefer, you can manage your account via one of the self-service platforms. Your contracts and their terms and conditions will remain unchanged.Expect awesome new products! At launch we introduced great new voice and data plans. You can look forward to even more new products and services that will make your experience with us great. We are very excited about the opportunity that Telkom Mobile presents. We look forward to introducing Telkom Mobile and hope that you will love it as much as we do.

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  • Telkom Mobile Cavendish Square is in Cape Town , Western Cape
  • Telkom Mobile Cavendish Square is located at
    Cavendish Square 160061 Cavendish Street Claremont Cape Town
  • Contact person : Telkom Mobile Cavendish Square
  • Telephone Number : 081 180
  • Cell Number : 081 180
  • Email address :
  • Website :

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