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Avis Car Rental Fourways

At Avis, our slogan We try harder, is not just a catchy phrase, it is a personal commitment made by every Avis employee. Thatís why Avis spends so much time and money on training. Every Avis employee undergoes our Quality through People programme which has been designed to emphasise our promise to deliver consistently high service by trying harder than anyone else. It is no wonder then that we were the first major company in the service industry to be awarded the ISO 9001 quality listing. The maintenance of these standards is constantly monitored and audited by the South African Bureau of Standards. While it is meaningful that the SABS INTERNATIONAL ISO 9001 RATING we have achieved guarantees a way to monitor and measure quality service, ultimately quality service is not a matter of checklists and questionnaires. Its an attitude. A state of mind. An external projection of an internal commitment.Our Vision: -To exceed customer expectations at every interface. Our Values: -Empathy. -Honesty. -Humanity. Our Promises: -We try harder. -People are more important than cars. The 4 Cornerstones below bind us together in one Culture: -Choose to people -EQ vs. IQ -Balance in life -Diversity

  • Est ID : 33453
  • Category : Go Travel - Sub Category : Car rental companies
  • Avis Car Rental Fourways is in Four Ways , Gauteng
  • Avis Car Rental Fourways is located at
    The Pivot Office Block D, Monte Casino Boulevard, Fourways
  • Contact person : Avis Car Rental Fourways
  • Telephone Number : 011 467 5882
  • Cell Number : 011 467 5882
  • Fax Number : 012 465 5096
  • Website : www.avis.co.za

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