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Welcome to TRB, your one stop Subaru shop. Whether you are looking for a basic service or a major modification, we are at your service to care for your car the same way you do and give your Subaru that special something that only Subaru drivers will understand. Are you a new Subaru driver? Come in and allow Tim to welcome you to the Subaru brand and discuss anything you wish to know about your new beast! Are you an experienced Subaru driver? Contact us for competitive servicing and modification prices and allow us to provide you with service at its best!For those of you that know us – TRB IS UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT & HAS HAD A FACELIFT! Where fast, efficient service and happy customers are our number 1 priority! Number 1 service for our number 1 customers! We are also now offering more services to our customers for your convenience of having a one-stop shop!I have been a Subaru fanatic for about 10 years now. During this period I have owned several Scooby’s: - 96 GT - 98 GT x 2 The second one was at the time the fastest in SA, running a 12.7 quartermile, which was approx 4 or 5 years ago and build by myself in my parents driveway. - STI 4 Type-R I have always been technically minded, even from when I was younger, I used to take my bicycle apart and put it back together for fun. So in turn I started doing the same thing with my Scooby’s, for that reason and also with me breaking my cars so often, it was starting to get VERY expensive, needless to say this is how I’ve gathered my knowledge. Years of messing around and breaking my motors! Under my wing we have: Jon Bongani Brandon And above us all we have: LEZ!!!!

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