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Pizza Perfect Melville

Renowned for the art of making pizza in full view of the customer, Pizza Perfect is in the business of building a sustainable, recognized and respected brand, loved by many fans of authentic and traditional wood fired pizza.Our Pizza is made with freshly prepared dough, quality tomato base, topped with flavour-some toppings, covered with creamy mozzarella cheese and cooked in wood burning clay ovens. Toppings range from selected cold cuts, cooked meats and fresh veggies with aromatic sauces. Pizza Perfect as a brand is accessible to people from all walks of life, economic levels and ethnic backgrounds. Affordability plays an integral part in the brand and business philosophy, hence its broad based market appeal. Pizza is clearly a popular choice in the South African market and Pizza Perfect continues to be a pioneer in the pizza industry, offering original products to customers at affordable prices. All our ingredients are manufactured and distributed from our central kitchen where we ensure that the freshest and finest quality ingredients are used. When we started making pizzas in the late eighties we knew exactly what our customers expected, a pizza with outrageous amounts of cheese and only the finest and freshest ingredients, cooked in our traditional wood burning oven for a healthy delicious experience.

  • Est ID : 24616
  • Category : Eat Out - Sub Category : Restaurant
  • Pizza Perfect Melville is in Johannesburg , Gauteng
  • Pizza Perfect Melville is located at
    Shop 15, Melville Boulevard, Cnr Main and Ayr Str
  • Contact person : Pizza Perfect Melville
  • Telephone Number : (011) 726 7373
  • Cell Number : (011) 726 7373
  • Website :


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